2015 Top 10 Images

These images are all taken in various locations around Washington State and on the island of Kaui, during 2015.

Cape Disappointment Storm L46A1038-907-PS Edit Level 17.jpg

Cape Disappointment Storm

In December of 2015, a large storm at sea produced massive swells in southwest Washington State.

The large waves roll in and smash up against a tall head-wall of rock then bounce off and start to return to sea.  When another large wave is coming in, the outgoing and incoming swells collide to produce the types and sizes of the wave in the picture.  I would estimate that the top of this wave might be 50-60 feet.  Also notice that only the top of the lighthouse is visible behind the wave.

Mt. St. Helens Sunrise Mt. St Helens PS Edit Level 17.jpg

Mount St. Helens at sunrise.

Some friends and I spent a summer night at the visitor center to photography the Milky Way and sunrise.  While I was not successful with my Milky Way shots, I did come away with this wide angle view of the sun rising to the left side, out of frame.  This put a beautiful warm light on the left outside crater rim as well as the inside right of the crater.

The white mounds and valleys are the remnants of ash deposits from the May 1980 eruption.

Gold Creek Aurora Borealis L46A1394-59-Edit.jpg

Aurora Borealis

From atop Snoqualmie Pass at Gold Creek, Washington, we were lucky enough to experience the northern lights in a rare showing so close to Seattle.  Interestingly, the lights were visible to the camera's sensor but not to the naked eye.

Canola field in the Palouse Canola Full Sky L46A0325-325 New Sky 2-2-3.jpg

Canola Field

The Palouse region in Eastern Washington State is awash with amazing colors sitting atop rolling hills. These various agricultural crops cover an area stretching from Oregon to the south up to Spokane in the north and even east into Idaho. 

Lihue Lighthouse Sunrise Lighthouse at Sunrise L46A5708.jpg

Ninini (Lihue) Lighthouse at Dawn

Looking North and standing near the landing pattern of the local airport this long exposure early dawn image features this now defunct lighthouse.


Poipu Rainbow Rainbow Horse L46A5892-12x18-2.jpg

Rainbow Horse

A large grass pasture with the rainbow behind, I had to wait for the horse to enter the frame in exactly to right position, under the rainbow, before I could capture this image.

Old Cabin Lake Wenatchee L46A9605-73-HDR.jpg

Old Cabin

Eastern Washington near Lake Wenatchee.  This old cabin sits in a large field with the Cascade Mountains in the background covered in the first snow of the season.

Bald Eagle

During the winder months of December and January, Bald Eagles and their young feast on migrating salmon on the Nooksack River in Northwest Washington. This adult Eagle is warming itself and drying out its wings on a sunny but cold January day. 

Waimea Canyon Storm Waimea 20x30 MPIX Metal Print  L46A6039-Edit-2_.jpg

Waimea Canyon Rain

The grand canyon of Hawaii located at the north end of Kauai.  We drove up there and were treated to a nature's spectacle of a massive rain storm, inside the Canyon.  Eventually, the storm made it's way to our location and we had to scramble to the car before being drenched!

LIthified Cliffs, Poipu, Kauai

A nighttime, full moon, long exposure of me standing on the Lithified Cliffs at Shipwrecks Beach, Poipu, Kauai.